Audio recording en productie freeware

Door homerecorders geteste en goed bevonden freeware: virtuele instrumenten, effect plugins, allerhande tools, drivers en zelfs complete muziekproductie pakketten. Via de link "inzenden" (linkermenu) kan je ook zelf nieuwe tips doorsturen.

Heb je één van deze tools getest? Geef dan zeker feedback door je stem achter te laten (de sterretjes op de detailpagina) of door een commentaar te geven! Hoe meer feedback we krijgen, hoe interessanter deze rubriek wordt.


VST audio filter (LP, HP, BP, Notch, Peak)
1 envelope ADSR
2 LFO Bpm syncable
8 steps sequencer


Win VST Pitch correctie

KeroVee is a Pitch Correction plug-in that works as a VST effect. KeroVee can mix two independent Transposed / Formant tweaked outputs of pitch-corrector and bypassed output.

Features / controls:

Triangle II

Performance Oriented Monophonic Synthesizer

Capable of a broad range of sounds, from warm to aggressive, Triangle II packs the perfect feature set for a mono synthesizer for uncompromised playability. And best of all we’re making Triangle II available as a free download to give you a taste of the quality of instruments available from Cakewalk

Nasty VCS

Channel Strip, EQ-Filter-Compressor-Limiter

Inspired by the smooth dynamic and tone shaping capabilities of some high-end mixing consoles and channel strips, this plug-in implements the most distinctive and much appreciated sonic effects generated by these devices.


WatKat is a digital “clone” of a Wem Watkins “Custom” Copicat. It sounds very lo-fi, noisy, irregular. When you turn it off and leave the tape loaded, the tape bends in proximity of the capstan, and this turns into a periodic pitch fall during echo playback; plus, it gets hot and the background hum gets worse in time... you should turn it off every now and then; the tape is never completely erased, and the capstan motor flutters... and it gets worse if you touch it while it's spinning; heads tend to get dirty very soon, infact you should clean them often.

SonicCulture sample packs

 Enkele samplepacks voor EXS-24 en Kontakt gratis verkrijgbaar bij SonicCouture.

Sonart: Yamaha C7 grand piano


Gratis Yamaha C7 instrument. Formaten: XS24, Kontakt 2.1, Kontakt 1.5, Giga 2, Giga 3, Halion en .Wav.


Studio Devil British Valve Custom

Een amp simulator gebaseerd op de Marshall Stack. Beschikbaar als VST, AU en RTAS.

DrumCore Free

 DrumCore Free is een gratis virtueel instrument met 2 drumkits en een hoop extra percussie-geluiden. Beschikbaar als VSTi, AUi en RTAS. Zeker aufchecken!

Voxengo Span

 Voxengo Span is een gereedschap dat je kan gebruiken om frequenties van een bepaald spoor te visualiseren.

Nieuw in versie 2 is dat multi-channel analyse beschikbaar is en dat er ook in mid/side modus kan gewerkt worden. Andere voorziening zijn K-metering, A/B vergelijking en een correlatie meter.

LA Convolver

IR AU plugin, donationware.

Kan hem zelf niet testen (Windowsuser)



EasyQ is an easy-to-use equalizer with an arbitrary number of filter stages in series connection. Each of the filter stages can operate in one of the following modes: peak/cut (aka bell or parametric EQ), high- or low-shelving, notch and low- or highpass (both with either 6 or 12 dB/oct slope). EasyQ is also easy on the CPU and just does what an EQ is supposed to do without performing any additional voodoo. As such, it is well suited to serve as a go-to EQ for the routinely equalizing tasks.


Square 1

Heb je nog een free VA synth nodig, waarschijnlijk niet maar deze is toch echt wel goed.

  • Free, and available for both PC and Mac.
  • Creative Modulation Tool: Create complex pan modulations with ease.
  • Unique Waveform Drawing Capabilities: Construct your own modulation curves in a very intuitive manner. Waveforms can be easily drawn using soft or hard breakpoints, thus producing gentle transitions or sharp bends in the waveform.
  • Customized Waveforms: Up to 10 customized waveforms can be stored.
Kelly Industries Stereo Tools

 Kelly Industries Stereo Tools is een handige utlity plugin die je toelaat beide kanalen van een stereosignaal apart te pannen. Verder kan je er ook het mid-kanaal mee verwijderen/verzwakken, een stereo bestand minder breed maken of links en rechts combineren tot een mono-signaal met een druk op een knop (handig om je mix in mono na te kijken als je deze plugin op je master kanaal zet).


The ADT technique was developed at Abbey Road Studios by engineers recording the Beatles in the 1960s. To free John Lennon from having to sing everything twice for real double tracking they came up with an artificial replacement: they sent the original signal to another tape machine and re-recorded it. Due to the physical distance between record and playback heads the new signal was delayed. The length of the delay depends on the tape speed (the slower the tape is running the longer it takes for the signal to travel from the record to the playback head).


Al een oudere VST, maar een goede freeware sampler.


 It's a real-time pitch correction plugin. You specify the notes that a singer is allowed to hit, and Autotalent makes sure that they do. You can also use Autotalent for more exotic (Cher / T-Pain) effects. It also can be used as a pitch shifter or for faux vocal doubling.

Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition

This 'Performer Edition' is a simplified version of our Symptohm:Melohman powersynth, especially made for live use - but being also handy at the studio. The core of the synth, its oscillators and all the filters are there: it's the same audio engine of the 'normal' version. The only difference is that they're all already programmed/fixed for each one of the (up to 1200!) patches from Symptohm's sound library, the result being a simple and straight forward interface.


Praktische, simpele en handige M/S tool.

bx_solo is a nice little tool that we have designed to get you STARTED with and used to the way we approach the M/S technique - be it for recording-, mixing- or mastering purposes. The "heart" of our M/S tools are our unique SOLO BUTTONS that allow you to actually LISTEN to all components of a stereo mix / stereo signal individually: