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Door homerecorders geteste en goed bevonden freeware: virtuele instrumenten, effect plugins, allerhande tools, drivers en zelfs complete muziekproductie pakketten. Via de link "inzenden" (linkermenu) kan je ook zelf nieuwe tips doorsturen.

Heb je één van deze tools getest? Geef dan zeker feedback door je stem achter te laten (de sterretjes op de detailpagina) of door een commentaar te geven! Hoe meer feedback we krijgen, hoe interessanter deze rubriek wordt.


 Pedals — is a VST effect plug-in for Windows, designed for processing electric guitar and bass. It is also possible to process other audio sources for a variety of artistic techniques.

For more convenience, Pedals' GUI simulates real devices for sound processing: guitar pedals, amplifiers, speakers, etc. There are a total of 19 models of pedals, 2 amps, 7 speakers models and 3 rack units.



DtBlkFx by Darrell Barrell is a freeware Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) based multi effect VST plug-in for Windows and Mac.


Multi FX
WahWah, Overdrive, Tremolo, Modulation (Chorus/Flanger or Phaser), Stereo Delay (with ping-pong option) and Reverb.


Multi FX
- 4 effect banks
dirtifier – overdrive, bit crush, sample rate, variable state filter
modulator – flanger, tempo sync LFO modulates auto-pan or ring mod
delay – tempo sync delay with reverse, ping-pong and LP filter options
granulator – tempo sync granulator, pitch shift and gate with random options
- 2 independent xy pucks control;
effect bank wet/dry level and/or relative volume
any 4 of 13 effect parameters
- set the minimum levels of the pucks to change the sensitivity
- lock bottom puck to the top puck to control both with one movement


Multi FX
delay, granulator, drie phase vocoder effecten, reversinator, en drie types modulation. Flexible routing, serial en parallel effect routings


Multi effect, verslavend...
'Glitch chops up your audio in real-time and applies a variety of effects which can either be chosen at random, manually sequenced, or a mixture of both. The sounds it generates range from quite subtle to extremely bizarre, depending on how much you tweak the controls.'
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