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Door homerecorders geteste en goed bevonden freeware: virtuele instrumenten, effect plugins, allerhande tools, drivers en zelfs complete muziekproductie pakketten. Via de link "inzenden" (linkermenu) kan je ook zelf nieuwe tips doorsturen.

Heb je één van deze tools getest? Geef dan zeker feedback door je stem achter te laten (de sterretjes op de detailpagina) of door een commentaar te geven! Hoe meer feedback we krijgen, hoe interessanter deze rubriek wordt.

Free 87 series

 simpele 'vintage' compressor, gate, equalizer, limiter. Voorproefje van hun zeer voordelige geprijsde full series.

Er dient wel even te worden geregistreerd.


Variety of sound (Bootsy) heeft een nieuwe plug uit.

preFIX is a pre-mixing and audio alignment tool which typically takes place upfront the mixing process. It provides a clever tool set to clean-up, fix and align audio tracks (typically taken from recordings) concerning overall frequency correction, phase alignment, spatial stereo field corrections and routing. It contains a complete gate/expander solution with a dedicated and comprehensive sidechain filtering path as well.

Voxengo Marvel Geq

Marvel GEQ is a linear-phase 16-band graphic equalizer AU and VST plugin with multi-channel operation support (supporting up to 8 input/output channels, audio host application-dependent).  Marvel GEQ offers extensive internal channel routing capabilities, and supports mid/side channel processing.


EasyQ is an easy-to-use equalizer with an arbitrary number of filter stages in series connection. Each of the filter stages can operate in one of the following modes: peak/cut (aka bell or parametric EQ), high- or low-shelving, notch and low- or highpass (both with either 6 or 12 dB/oct slope). EasyQ is also easy on the CPU and just does what an EQ is supposed to do without performing any additional voodoo. As such, it is well suited to serve as a go-to EQ for the routinely equalizing tasks.


TAL-U.S.E (TiltEq)

After some trademark problems, TAL-TiltEq is now renamed to TAL-USE (Ultra Simple Eq). Also a bug with the RTAS adapter under OSX is fixed now.

TAL-USE (Ultra Simple Eq) is especially designed after some tilt eq's from the 70's. This type of eq allows to adjust the audio material without changing the character of a sound to much.
Its an easy way, to make an audio signal sound darker or brighter with only one knob. The bass lift knob is a special addition that boosts or attenuates bass frequencies below 300Hz.

* 8 dB low / high shelf filter.
* 12 dB bass lift filter at 300 Hz.

Rakarrack Guitar Effects

Rakarrack is a guitar effects processor for GNU / Linux simple and easy to use but it contains features that make it unique in this field of applications. It contains 17 effects: Linear Equalizer, Parametric Equalizer, Compressor, Distorsion, Overdrive, Echo, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger Reverb, WahWah, Alienwah, Harmonizer, NoiseGate, Musical Delay, Cabinet, AutoPan/Extra Stereo. It integrates a tuner and a MIDI converter. It can also be handled by an external MIDI controller. The settings designed by the user can be stored in presets and these presets can be used to create banks of effects.

Nebula 3 Free

Multi FX Vintage Emulator
DESCRIPTION: VST Plugin based on Volterra Kernels Series. It emulates different types of vintage gear: equalizers, filters, microphones, preamps, compressors, reverb and generic time-variant processors (chorus, flangers, phasers)
FREQUENCY RATES: 6Khz, 8Khz, 11.025Khz, 14Khz, 16Khz, 22.05Khz, 24Khz, 32Khz, 44.1Khz, 48Khz, 60Khz, 64Khz, 70Khz, 77Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz, 176.4Khz, 192Khz, 352.8Khz, 384Khz
HARMONIC ORDERS: Program-dependent: 0 to 9
IN/OUT BIT RATE: 64 bit floating point, host-dependent
MEMORY LOCATIONS: 1000 with total recall


Nog een VST van Bootsy, Low end EQ en saturatie


Had al veel goede dingen gelezen over de 'Bootsy' plugins (o.a. in de KVR forums) maar de ontwikkelaar zelf blijft nogal mysterieus... Geen eigen website gevonden, staan ook niet in de KVR plugin database...(biedt zijn plugins aan via directe downloadurls). Nu ook ons aller CM ;-) vol lof is over de NastyLF dacht ik dat ze hier niet mochten ontbreken. Om het een beetje overzichtelijk te houden zal ik de betreffende downloadlink van geven.

Update: Bootsy heeft een blog! nieuwe dowloadlink voor alle plugins aangepast.


Kjaerhus Classic EQ

Classic EQ is a 7 Band Stereo Equaliser with a warm analog sound, well suited to make non-surgical tonal corrections on all instruments, vocals and final mixes. The passive and additive structure, together with unique “Warm” and “Saturation” algorithms, produces warm and pleasant sound, just like some of the most expensive vintage gear. The left and right channels can be adjusted individually or linked together.

Blue Cat Triple EQ

Blue Cat's Triple EQ is a 3 bands semi-parametric equalizer that can be controlled as a single filter with customizable shape. It includes a low shelf filter, a high shelf filter and a boost/cut peak filter. Its wide range of gain (+/-40 dB per band) and bandwidth (.01 to 5 Octave) makes it very versatile to create any filter shape. The three filters are linked together so that when you change the center frequency or the bandwidth, the parameters of the three filters are modified accordingly: you can control the entire equalizer characteristics with a single mouse click.


EQ van Magnus (Smartelectronics)
Parametric graphic equalizer with excellent response all the way up to Nyquist. It never clicks, and it handles deep bass well too. The Nyquist frequency is the highest representable frequency for a given sample rate. The trebliest of the treble. Most other digital eqs have great problems producing a natural sound here.

Voxengo Overtone EQ

EQ van Voxengo
Overtone GEQ is 7-band harmonic (overtone) graphic equalizer with multi-channel support (supporting up to 8 input/output channels, host setup-dependent). Overtone GEQ offers extensive internal channel routing capabilities, and supports mid/side channel processing.
Beside equalizing, Overtone GEQ applies harmonic enhancement processing: it uses 7 harmonic enhancement modules, one for each EQ band. This generates a complex harmonic coloration you will probably like a lot.

Electri-Q (posihfopit edition)

Goede freeware EQ

Pushtec 5+1A

EQ VST heeft niets te maken met de hardware waar de naam naar verwijst. Zeer goed voor beginners, veel presets, duidelijke interface dus: settings van de presets bekijken = leren.

Reaper Plugins

Wil je de Reaper plugins proberen, maar wil je blijven werken met je vertrouwde DAW software probeer deze dan, vooral de gate is de moeite waard, maar ook EQ, (Multiband)Compressie, Delay,...


Te weinig insert slots, te hoog cpu verbruik, misschien is dit de oplossing in gratis VST (Even on a 500-Mhz Pentium III, you will be able to insert Striptool onto 16 to 24 tracks without overloading your processor.)
- -24 to +24 dB Input Gain.
- Semi-param EQ (pre-compressor).
- Post-Compressor EQ switch.
- "SIDE-CH" button allowing the EQ signal to be routed to the control input of the compressor.
- Compressor with 3 preset knee-settings (Hard, Medium, Soft).
- Output Gain Long-Throw Fader from -48 to +48 dB.
- Input Level VU-meter.
- Gain reduction VU-meter.