Iedereen weet ondertussen dat je beter niet mixt met koptelefoons omdat je dan een vertekent stereobeeld verkrijgt. Dit komt omdat, in tegenstelling tot met luidsprekers, je linkeroor geen info van rechts krijgt en vice versa.
Nu heeft Refined Audiometrics een plugin ontwikkeld die, door middel van het haas-effect, je wel toelaat om te mixen met hoofdtelefoons.
Van de Refined Audiometrics website:

"HDPHX - Headphone Listening Enhancement for VST
We use our HDPHX plugin routinely when mixing with headphones. It takes advantage of the Haas Effect to provide a delayed and attenuated cross-channel mix in each ear to present the sound that would be heard with a stereo speaker system with speakers placed at +/-30 degrees azimuth from front-center.
The plug-in has no user interface. It simply plugs into your stereo audio output channel, and provides the same high-quality 64-bit computing that our other plug-ins feature.
When listening with HDPHX you will no longer get that ear-pounding, head-shaking, strong stereo separation that is so common. Modern recordings are intended mostly for speaker listening. But when listening through stereo headphones you don't normally get the kind of lef-right cross mixing that happens in a room with speaker playback.
Our HDPHX preserves the good stereo separation without producing the fatigue that accompanies long listening sessions with artificially high stereo separation."


VST (Windows)