Bomb Factory Free bundle


Op aanraden van AzimuthZero:

- Bomb Factory BF76: True-to-form digital emulation of the vintage 1176 Peak Limiter, with the inclusion of a side-chain input
- BF Essentials Clip Remover: Fast, accurate tool for repairing clipped audio recordings
- BF Essentials Correlation Meter: Troubleshoots phase coherency on stereo tracks or stereo submixes
- BF Essentials Meter Bridge: RMS and Peak VU metering with calibration on any channel, with minimal impact on DSP resources
- BF Essentials Noise Meter: Three meters in one: A-weighted noise meter, a Robinson-Dadson equal-loudness meter, and a VU meter with 100 dB of visual range
- BF Essentials Tuner: Fast-tracking, accurate instrument tuner
- Funk Logic Mastererizer: Lo-fi sound effects plug-in


Win / Mac - RTAS