Soundhack Freesound bundle.


Ken ze zelf niet, maar omdat ze crossplatform zijn heb ik ze toch ingediend. (Win/Mac VST AU RTAS)
a distortion unit which uses various low-order chebyshev polynomials to add even or odd harmonic distortion.
compand is a combined compressor/expander plugin. It has a softknee control as well as a switchable rms/peak level detector.
bit depth and sample rate reduction for added aliasing and decimation noise. a very noisy plugin.
a mid-side to left-right encoder and decoder. for mid-side microphone arrays, but also useful when needing to apply effects to only the center or the sides of a stereo mix.
the standard studio tool for seeing the phase relation between your left and right channels. also includes a bit meter.


Win / Mac - Audio Units/VST/Rtas